Tutorials and Getting Started Guides

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Getting Started Guides

Locum offers several Getting Started guides in pdf format which are available to download. These guides are intended to help Security Administrators who have the task of configuring Locum software on an MCP ClearPath system. Our Getting Started guides assume minimal technical knowledge on the part of the Security Administrator and, where appropriate, include references to other documentation for more detailed information and explanation. It is beneficial to download the software before consulting the Getting Started guides. Instructions on how to do so can be found in the ReadMe.pdf document on the release CD.

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Currently available are tutorials providing assistance in:

AdminDesk Basic

This tutorial gives an overview of AdminDesk Basic features - a free utility that is now included in MCP 18.0.

Running AdminDesk for the First Time

This tutorial advises on how to perform a first-time configuration of AdminDesk, including database and connection creation, as well as installing Safe & Secure on the MCP host.

Getting to Know AdminDesk

This tutorial explains some of AdminDesk's primary features, including implementing your Security Policy and user administration.

Locum 4.2 Features

This tutorial gives an overview of new features available in Safe & Secure 4.2 that are compatible with MCP 18.0.

Upgrading Safe & Secure

This tutorial will demonstrate how to upgrade Safe & Secure using AdminDesk (from version 4.0 onwards) via the release CD.

Chain Configuration and Functionality New

This tutorial demonstrates how to configure multi-host updates with Locum Chain and introduces the Password Propagation and Zonal Update features.

User Verification

This tutorial demonstrates AdminDesk's User Verification feature.

Forgotten Password Reset Facility

This tutorial demonstrates how to request a reset of a forgotten usercode/accesscode password in AdminDesk.

Data Classification

This tutorial explains the concept of Data Classification and its use within SecureAudit Client and Locum RealTime Monitor.

Delegation and Regimes in AdminDesk

This tutorial demonstrates the use of delegations and regimes in AdminDesk.

Role Based Access Control in SecureAudit Client

This tutorial will demonstrate how to set up an RBAC preferred role. The instructions apply to both SafeSurvey Client and SecureAudit Client, however this demonstration uses SecureAudit Client.

Data Retention in SecureAudit Client

This tutorial will demonstrate how to set up a data retention policy. Data retention policies allow you to specify how long you wish data and report queries to be stored in the database.