SecureAudit is a powerful AUDITING tool and a natural evolution of the SECURE product. Developed in partnership with Unisys, SecureAudit is driven from a Windows-based client user interface, which allows greater functionality and more flexible security reporting.

With SecureAudit, you can report security-relevant events retrospectively, focus on specific events, and conduct forensic investigations using a time-based report mechanism which allows you to export reports to a .csv or .pdf file for further use.

SecureAudit is included with SECURE in the Safe & Secure package marketed by Locum. It is not included in the lighter Safe & Secure package marketed by Unisys.

SecureAudit accesses the SUMLOG file, which is used by the MCP to log system activity, and produces a comprehensive set of security reports that are relevant, non-technical, readable and concise.

SecureAudit is a component of Locum 360, a comprehensive and integrated security solution. Click here for more information on Locum's 360, Locum's 'full package'.

Reporting Modes

  • Client mode - This mode is the primary mode of SecureAudit. It enables you to create reports and view data from a Windows interface.
  • Batch mode - This mode allows the scheduling of reports, which are held on the MCP host until downloaded into the local database.

Reporting Capabilities

You can generate reports that cover a specified time range from one or more SUMLOG files without complicated SUMLOG consolidation. SecureAudit identifies the required SUMLOG files to be analysed.

Most reports can be filtered, enabling you to view exactly what you need. A full list of reports that SecureAudit currently offers, and more information on SecureAudit's features can be found on the feature sheet.

An example Session Information report in SecureAudit Client

The client mode also provides the following report types:

  • Statistical
  • Graphical
  • Detailed Data
  • Correlation

The Security Administrator has the option of printing ALL the reports, or a selection of reports. The reports may be sent to a diskfile in text format so that they can be easily transferred to a PC and incorporated into a spreadsheet application. Alternatively, reports can be output to CSV or saved in PDF format, allowing the user to open and print them at a later time.

You can also choose to schedule reports to run at a later time, when you are away from the PC.


Locum SecureAudit is integrated with Unisys SecurityCenter. You can use it to connect to licensed and unlicensed systems as often as you like, for as long as you like. However, when connecting to an unlicensed system, SecureAudit will only run in Basic mode and detailed reports are unavailable.

To evaluate the full functionality of SecureAudit, contact your Unisys account manager for a Locum SecureAudit 'Try & Buy' licence key or follow the following link and click on the 'Key Products' tab: