SECURE provides reporting functionality for the Safe & Secure software package marketed by Locum, offering a total security reporting solution for Security Administrators and Auditors.

Concise security information is now required by an increasing number of organisations. SECURE meets security requirements by allowing Security Administrators to produce specific reports that can be tailored to their company's needs.

SECURE is not included in the Safe & Secure package marketed by Unisys. Instead, SecureAudit is the recommended reporting mechanism, separately priced.

Security Reporting

Security reports should inform the user of any activity or condition that could pose a security threat.

Secure accesses both the SUMLOG file and the System Directory files to produce a comprehensive set of security reports that are:

  • Relevant: Each report targets a specific security issue.
  • Non-technical: Technical jargon is avoided.
  • Readable: Layouts are clear and easy to use.
  • Concise: Extraneous information is omitted.

Reporting Modes

  • Batch Mode - For the production of standard or regular reports.
  • Interactive Mode - For the production of ad-hoc reports. In Interactive Mode, SECURE provides a menu-driven interface allowing the user to generate reports via terminal emulation.

Individual Sumlog Reporting

Reports may be generated from the current SUMLOG or an 'old' SUMLOG. An 'old' SUMLOG is defined to be a SUMLOG file which has been 'released' by the MCP.

Multiple Sumlog Reporting

A major feature of SECURE is time-based reporting; this enables the user to produce reports covering a specific time range without complicated SUMLOG consolidation. The only action that the user has to perform is to designate the time period.


Reports are available for a wide range of activities, events and conditions.