SafeSurvey is Locum's ClearPath MCP system security ASSESSMENT and risk identification tool which provides Security Administrators and Company Auditors with a series of detailed reports which analyse and highlight areas where systems may be at risk, while ensuring compliance with the defined security policy. Running SafeSurvey on a regular basis helps to keep you informed of the current status of the security environment on each system.

SafeSurvey comes as two components; the Host, which runs on MCP systems, and the Client, which runs in the Windows environment. SafeSurvey Client provides a user-friendly means of scanning MCP systems and producing reports. The reports are dynamic, easy to read, and allow you to produce graphs and charts.

SafeSurvey is a component of Locum 360, a comprehensive and integrated security solution. Click here for more information on Locum's 360, Locum's 'full package'.

Key Features

  • PC-based, with online HTML Help
  • Integrated with Unisys SecurityCenter
  • Wide range of security snapshots
  • Automated scheduling
  • Ability to store reports to a local database
  • Exporting & importing of reports
  • Graphical data analysis
  • Policy-based assessments
  • Output reports to PDF and CSV

Security Snapshots

SafeSurvey extracts and reports data in the areas of:

  • Userdatafile Analysis - analyses the Userdatafile definitions highlighting usercodes with special privileges and investigating the use of security-related usercode attributes.
  • Password Penetration Tests - SafeSurvey performs a number of tests on each password to determine the ease by which an unwelcome user may gain access to the system.
  • COMS Cfile Analysis - identifies both obsolete usercode entries and 'hidden' privileges contained in program and station definitions.
  • System Configuration Analysis - interrogates and displays the settings of all relevant system options and settings.
  • Disk File Analysis - analysis of the entire disk subsystem and produces reports.

User-Friendly Reports

SafeSurvey produces a number of reports in a clear, concise and non-technical format. The Security Administrator has the option of printing ALL the reports, or a selection of reports. The reports may be sent to a diskfile in text format so that they can be easily transferred to a PC and incorporated into a spreadsheet application. Alternatively, reports can be saved in PDF format, allowing the user to open and print them at a later time.

A sample time-line graph showing the number of usercodes on the system with weak passwords


Locum SafeSurvey is integrated with Unisys SecurityCenter. You can use it to connect to licensed and unlicensed systems as often as you like, for as long as you like. However, when connecting to an unlicensed system, SafeSurvey will only run in Basic mode and detailed reports are unavailable.

To evaluate the full functionality of SafeSurvey, contact your Unisys account manager for a Locum SafeSurvey 'Try & Buy' licence key or follow the following link, and click on the 'Key Products' tab:

Click here to learn about SecureAudit