Safe & Secure 4.1 and 4.1 IR1

February 2016

This is the latest consolidated release of Locum Safe & Secure 4.1 security administration software for Unisys MCP ClearPath systems.

Version 4.1 IR1 of Safe & Secure is qualified against MCPs 14.0 to 17.0 (SSR 55.1 to 58.1).

Download link for Safe & Secure 4.1 IR1.

Click here to view the 4.1 IR1 Release Letter for changes applied in Safe & Secure 4.1 IR1.

Click here to view the What's New document for 4.1.

New Product Announcement

Locum is pleased to announce the release of RealTime Service, an application providing the message forwarding and escalation functions of RealTime Monitor, but without the requirement for a user interface, and without the display of incoming messages. The Service is intended to be run unattended on a Windows server.

RealMon has been renamed RealTime DashBoard, for purposes of clarification. The Locum RealTime Monitor package now consists of RealTime DashBoard, RealTime Config and RealTime Service.

4.1 Release Information

The following new features and enhancements have been applied:.

  • SAFE & SECURE: The new Forgotten Password feature allows users to request a password reset for their usercode or accesscode password. The controlling option is called ‘Allow users to request reset of forgotten passwords’, available via AdminDesk’s System Security Policy dialog – Password Control tab. The functionality is dependent on users having an email address and User Verification Text in their user definitions. A short video demonstrating the feature accompanies this release and is also available through the Support page of the Locum website.
  • ADMINDESK: Major changes have been made to the Activity Code Configuration dialog for Locum RealTime Monitor, with attributes being split across three property pages: Summary, Display and Message Escalation and Forwarding.
  • SECUREAUDIT: The 30 Sumlog limit imposed by SECURE reporting has been relaxed, allowing a much larger number of logs to be processed, subject to memory availability.
  • SECUREAUDIT: The FORMAT batch specification has been enhanced so that FORMAT CSV and FORMAT PRINT variants are now additionally available for use in all reports. The FORMAT CSV specification will create reports in .csv format, ready to be imported to Windows Excel spreadsheets; and the FORMAT PRINT specification will cause reports to revert to the default mode of PRINT. Comma, Pipe and Tab may be specified as primary and secondary delimiters for the csv format.
  • SECUREAUDIT: The new DMSII Transaction report combines information from the Sumlogs and DMSII Audit Trails to allow the administrator/auditor to track changes to specified database structures and data-items by specific database administrators.
  • SECUREAUDIT CLIENT: An Integrity Check has been implemented in SecureAudit Client and appears on the Visual Data Manager dialog, under the Data Manager tab. The Client will check for an invalid number of ‘markers’ for each report type from each host. This information can be copied to clipboard, emailed or saved to a file.
  • SAFESURVEY: The Client Access Services snapshot analyses the contents of the Client Access Services configuration file, including information on disk shares, pipe shares, CDROM shares and printer shares.
  • SAFESURVEY: The Software Version snapshot highlights the versions of all SL (System Library) and AI (Automatic Initiation) programs, detailing product ID, release ID, privileges and license key information.
  • REALTIME MONITOR/ADMINDESK: It is possible to configure RealTime Service from AdminDesk’s Tools menu – RealTime Service Configuration option. The Service can also be configured via RealTime Config.
  • REALTIME DASHBOARD: Two new dialogs, Interface Summary and Window Summary, have been implemented in RealTime DashBoard, available via the Host Actions menu and the Output menu respectively. These dialogs display in tree-view format the events being monitored and the activity codes being used by a particular interface or window.

Download link for Safe & Secure 4.1