RealTime Monitor

Locum RealTime Monitor provides highly flexible ALERT designation, together with the routing of system and security events to meet your system monitoring needs. Locum RealTime Monitor consists of RealTime Config, RealTime DashBoard and RealTime Service which work together to offer the power and flexibility to create the monitoring environment that every customer requires.

RealTime Monitor is a component of Locum 360, a comprehensive and integrated security solution. Click here for more information on Locum's 360, Locum's 'full package'.

Key Features

  • PC-based, with online HTML Help
  • Integrated with Unisys SecurityCenter
  • Configuration tool is a SecurityCenter snap-in
  • Optional unattended running of RealTime Service
  • Allows the designation of security and system events as alerts
  • Activity codes provide the ability to specify severity and routing information
  • Collector can display or forward alerts
  • Ability to monitor multiple MCP systems simultaneously
  • Ability for multiple collectors to be serviced from a single MCP host
  • Each collector has its own filters so that alerts can be configured independently
  • Provides configurable display characteristics
  • Message forwarding and escalation actions
  • Dials and trending graphs can be displayed in RealTime DashBoard
  • Advanced filtering offers finer granularity by means of Filter Rules
  • Allows you to monitor the activity of privileged users by the use of Data Classification in RealTime Config

For more details on RealTime Monitor's key features,view or download the RealTime Monitor feature sheet.

RealTime Config

RealTime Config is a PC-based Unisys SecurityCenter snap-in which enables you to control every aspect of the monitoring of your ClearPath MCP systems, from the designation of security and system events as alerts, to the ability to specify severity and routing information.

RealTime DashBoard

RealTime DashBoard acts as a collector to display and/or forward messages. The Alert Interface can display alerts from one or more multiple ClearPath MCP systems. You can customise the display so that alerts are shown in the way you want to see them.

RealTime Service

The purpose of RealTime Service is to run as a Windows Service program; as such it can be configured to be automatically initiated and to run unattended on a Windows server, without the requirement of a user interface. It provides all the message escalation and forwarding functions of RealTime Monitor, but does not, and cannot, display incoming alert messages. The functionality of RealTime DashBoard is unaffected by RealTime Service.


RealTime DashBoard can display dials, allowing you to view the number of alerts being generated at a glance.

The RealTime Monitor Main Window - Dials displayed

Forwarding and Escalation

Message Forwarding and Escalation is a course of action available for high-priority alerts when specified thresholds are exceeded. Available options are:

  • Email notification
  • Save information to a file
  • Syslog, a data logging protocol, can be used to send alerts to another collector. Syslog is widely used in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) architectures. Most SIEMs will recognize and accept incoming messages that are in Syslog format.
  • Write to Windows Event Log

Advanced Filtering

More granularity in designating alerts can be attained by the use of advanced filtering which is available by the application of rules. For example, an event will only become an alert if it originated from a particular user or station, or if the text contains a specific sub-text.


Moving timeline graphs showing the rate of alerts per minute over a specified time period are available to view in RealTime DashBoard.

Sample Graph


Locum RealTime Monitor is integrated with Unisys SecurityCenter. You can use it to connect to licensed and unlicensed systems as often as you like, for as long as you like. However, when connecting to an unlicensed system, no further reconfiguration is possible, whereas full reconfiguration capabilities are allowed when the system is licensed.

To evaluate the full functionality of RealTime Monitor, contact your Unisys account manager for a Locum RealTime Monitor 'Try & Buy' licence key, or follow the following link and click on the 'Key Products' tab: