Licence Keys

Keys and System Upgrades

For Locum Safe & Secure customers, all our software requires valid keys for each MCP host; these keys are time-controlled and are generated using the machine style and system serial number. If you upgrade or replace any of your systems, new keys will be required.  

To request new keys, please contact:

Try & Buy Keys

Locum SafeSurvey, SecureAudit and RealTime Monitor are integrated with Unisys SecurityCenter. These products are available with every MCP release and updates are released within SECURITYCENTER ICs.

Try-and-buy keys can be obtained from Unisys here:

Click on the 'Key products' tab for more information and to download a 30-day or 60-day key.

Alternatively, contact your Unisys account manager for more information.

The following guide describes the steps required to obtain and install evaluation keys for Locum software products from Unisys.