Locum Product Functionality

Security management roles provided by Locum MCP products are shown in the following table:

Primary Function Product
Pro-active real-time alerting Locum RealTime Monitor (LRM)
Pro-active security assessment and risk identification Locum SafeSurvey (LSS)
Powerful, time saving, audit reporting Locum SecureAudit (LSE)
Centralized security administration Locum Safe & Secure (SAS)

Locum RealTime Monitor, Locum SafeSurvey and Locum Secure Audit are preloaded and delivered with every MCP system. Each product requires a unique license key to activate its full feature set.

Locum Safe & Secure is available for download with key activation.

Limited duration evaluation keys are available online at, from your Unisys account manager or by contacting Locum who will be pleased to arrange through Unisys.

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