DIR (Directory Information Retrieval) offers disk management and interrogation for ODT, MARC and CANDE users. It allows the user to build a file profile, which may incorporate the filename, creation date, size, etc., and interrogates the disk directory structure and extracts those files that match the file profile. The information is returned in a clearly readable format to the workstation.


PC DIR is the Windows-based Client of DIR. It offers a more flexible interface to the MCP functionalities of DIR, and is included as part of the DIR package. All references to DIR functionaility apply equally to PC DIR.

Key Features

  • Fast directory searches across multiple pack families
  • Four levels of data extraction
  • Removal of individual files
  • Job creation for removal or copy of identified files
  • Multiple recursive searches
  • Ability to wrap files into containers
  • Capability of inspecting the contents of a wrapped container
  • Ability to unwrap any selected files from a container to a user-specified disk family

Up to 3000 different pack families may be scanned in a single operation. Recursive searches, the capability of performing further searches on the results of the previous search, allow the user to progressively 'home in' on the target file or files.

Once the target files have been identified, the user may select an individual file and display its attributes. At this point, the file may be deleted or its content viewed.

Sceenshot of PC DIR
An example Search for Files screen in PC DIR


You can request a free, fully functional, time-limited version of DIR & PC DIR by sending an email to: support@locumsoftware.com