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In brief

Locum Software Services Limited provides security solutions for Unisys ClearPath MCP systems, as well as offering services such as Evaluation, Implementation, Training, and Product Support.

Locum has a world-wide customer base that incorporates both large and small organisations. The majority of our clients are financial institutions.

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In the beginning…

Located in Sheffield, England, Locum Software Services Limited was founded in 1986. The company directors, Keith Lewis and Kevin Stones, identified a security reporting requirement which standard security software did not fulfil. It is from this requirement that Locum developed SECURE, a security reporting software product for Unisys ClearPath MCP systems.

SECURE was launched in 1988. A year later, additional security modules followed and in 1989 Safe & Secure was launched. Today, Safe & Secure has a significant worldwide client base.

Since 1986 Locum has focused on security software development and security evaluation and consultancy. Locum personnel have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Unisys ClearPath MCP environment and over the years have acquired a wide practical experience of security issues working with various financial, commercial and government institutions. Today, Locum continues to offer clients security evaluations, consultancy, training and services.

And more recently…

In recent years Locum has forged partnerships with corporate Unisys for the development and exclusive marketing of SafeSurvey, SecureAudit and RealTime Monitor.

Locum's Safe & Secure software product is marketed both by Locum and Unisys.

How to find us

Locum House is located on Brown Street, in Sheffield city centre. We are around 300 yards from the train station, and around 50 yards from the Sheffield Hallam University Students Union. Locum House is the blue building next to the Rutland Arms public house.

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