AdminSock provides a TCP/IP socket interface between enterprise security administration software and the ClearPath MCP security system. It presents a simple method of updating user entries in the Userdatafile and COMS Cfile on a ClearPath MCP system via a batch input on a Microsoft Windows-based system. Entries may be created, modified, renamed, and deleted. In addition, a list of all defined users may be retrieved, and either all or individual entries may be enquired upon.

Key features:

  • MCP/AS agent for an enterprise-wide security server
  • Two modes of operation - Interactive and Silent
  • Userdatafile and COMS Cfile maintenance
  • Reconciliation function
  • Validation function
  • English-text commands

View or Download the AdminSock feature sheet


UserSock provides a TCP/IP socket interface to client-server applications in which end-users bypass the traditional MARC sign-on procedure.

Key features:

  • Simple method of introducing access controls
  • Four functions available - User validation, Password aging information, Password generation and Password change
  • Sample code provided to ease the integration process between UserSock and the client application
  • Bundled with Safe & Secure

The way in which UserSock’s functions are integrated with an organisation’s client-server application is dependent on the organisation’s development staff. Locum provides sample code to ease the integration process.

View or Download the UserSock feature sheet

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