AdminDesk Basic

AdminDesk Basic is a new tool for MCP Security Administrators; it's free and allows for simplified administration of the Userdatafile.

What functionality is offered?

  • Allows the search, creation and editing of Usercode and Remoteuser entries
    • Both Userdatafile and COMS Cfile usercode updates
  • Allows viewing of MCP Security Options
  • Limited to a single user interface per MCP system, but can administer multiple systems
  • Illustrates the features of the full AdminDesk

AdminDesk basic is recommended for use by security administrators of MCP Systems.

AdminDesk Basic Informational Video

If you prefer, you can learn more about AdminDesk Basic by watching the video below.

How do I get AdminDesk Basic?

To install AdminDesk Basic, access to the 'SAFEANDSECURE' folder of the INSTALLS share of your MCP server is necessary.

The INSTALLS share should be visible by browsing the MCP host in the Windows network. For convenience, a local disk drive can also be mapped to the INSTALLS share after browsing to the appropriate location (Please refer to the Unisys Client Access Services User Guide [Manual No 4310 3324-013] for information on how to connect to an MCP share).

An example of the 'SAFEANDSECURE' folder for an MCP server located at

Simply double-click AdminDeskSetup.exe to install the AdminDesk Basic application on your Windows desktop.

Note: At this time AdminDesk Basic is only available for systems running MCP 18.0 software or later.

The full version of AdminDesk is available in both our Locum 360 and Safe & Secure packages. Visit the AdminDesk page for more information.