AdminDesk is the Windows GUI for Safe & Secure, Locum's highly regarded Security ADMINISTRATION package for Unisys Clearpath MCP systems. From a single Windows environment, AdminDesk can open mulitple connections to multiple MCP systems simultaneously, providing Security Administrators with an easy-to-use single point of access for:

  • Security policy
  • User definition of usercodes, accesscodes, and emergency usercodes
  • Delegated security administrators

To accomplish these functions, AdminDesk offers a unique set of administrative tools.

Key Features

  • Multiple simultaneous updates allowing identical changes to be made to multiple users
  • Extensive search and update on any defined user attribute
  • Zonal Update capability allowing all user updates to be performed across multiple MCP environments
  • Drag-and-drop User Replication between MCP systems
  • Help-desk Logon Investigation
  • Userdatafile integrity check and repair service
  • COMS CFile interrogate and update facility
  • Active session control and view
  • Window List Control
  • Customization of AdminDesk's appearance
  • Ability to copy customizable data to other connections
  • Simple creation of credentials for MCP resource sharing
  • AdminDesk's Configuration Wizard helps with the installation process
  • The Installation Troubleshooter allows you to view any problems with installed items
The AdminDesk Main Window

AdminDesk interacts with Unisys’s Secure Access Control Module (InfoGuard) security software, by recognizing the security configuration of the system and offering the appropriate features.

AdminDesk offers comprehensive tools and facilities for Security Administrators to perform their jobs quickly and efficiently, and the resulting increased productivity is invaluable to all security-conscious companies.