Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure is Locum Software’s highly-regarded and well-established security software for Unisys ClearPath MCP systems.

Safe & Secure centralizes and simplifies security ADMINISTRATION of Userdatafile, COMS CFILE and Security Policy Options, while offering, through the integrated AdminDesk GUI, a wide range of tools including extensive inquiry and search facilities. These capabilities also include the single-point user administration of multiple MCP systems.

Safe & Secure’s set of Security Policy Options are designed to be tailored to comply with the customer’s own policy requirements.

The Safe & Secure package marketed by Locum includes SecureAudit. The Safe & Secure package marketed by Unisys does not include auditing capabilities; in this instance, SecureAudit is the recommended auditing tool and is available as a separately-priced product.

Safe & Secure is a component of Locum 360, a comprehensive and integrated security solution. Click here for more information on Locum's 360, Locum's 'full package'.

Safe & Secure offers the following features:


User Authentication

    • Password Aging
    • Extensive Password Control and Validation options
    • User Verification via the use of a security question and answer

Access Control

    • Station Lockout and/or User Lockout
    • Session Limits allow the administrator to view all active sessions on the system
    • Controlled Usercodes allow emergency usercodes to be configured
    • Logon Investigation


    • Delegate Administrator Rights via the use of objects and permissions
    • Regimes ensure a Regime Administrator controls only users in his/her own regime
    • System Command Authorisation allows the administrator to give a unique and specific command list to individual users


    • Profiles allow simple creation and modification of user accounts
    • Templates allow the grouping of users by roles
    • The Zonal Update feature provides simultaneous Userdatafile and CFILE update capability across multiple ClearPath MCP servers


    • The SecureAudit module provides security-relevant information that is concise and easy to understand
    • Forensic auditing is available in batch, interactive and client modes of operation
    • Output options are available to CSV and PDF files
    • Statistical and graphing capabillities are available in client mode

View or Download the Safe & Secure feature sheet


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