Software Features Overview

Locum Software Services offer a suite of dedicated and integrated products that provide Security Alerting, Assessment, Auditing and Administration capabilities on ClearPath MCP systems.


Be aware of security events as they happen. No two customer sites are the same, and every site has its own particular requirements. Therefore, you need full flexibility in designating which system events are to be alerted and how to escalate those alerts to the outside world, such as to email and Syslog destinations.

Alerting functionality is provided by Locum RealTime Monitor which is already available and simply requires customer activation.


Know the current state of security on your ClearPath MCP system. It is improving or declining? You can quantify security status and see trends over time, or deviations between systems. How close is your system to your security policy?

Assessment functionality is provided by Locum SafeSurvey which is already available and simply requires customer activation.


Be able to pinpoint the relevant security events among the mass of logging information produced by the MCP. Have the information on your local workstation and from there produce statistical analyses of relevant events. Automate the scheduling of reports and output them to CSV or PDF format. Make your auditors happy without incurring additional workload and headache!

Auditing functionality is provided by Locum SecureAudit which is already available and simply requires customer activation.


Have the tools for quick and efficient security administration at your fingertips. Have the ability to administer multiple MCP systems simultaneously from the same Window dialog, and have the toolset available to give you the information you need immediately to manage your user accounts and overall system security policy.

Administration functionality is provided by Locum AdminDesk, part of Safe & Secure.

Application of enhanced security

Take control of privilege on your system; in fact, reduce privilege by the application of enhanced security over and above that of native MCP. Authorise system commands to individual users, or individual functions to your help-desk personnel, or even keep your user accounts synchronised across multiple MCP systems.

All this and more is provided by Locum Safe & Secure.

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