Locum Product Functionality

Security management roles provided by Locum MCP products are shown in the following table:

Primary Function Product
Pro-active real-time alerting Locum RealTime Monitor (LRM)
Pro-active security assessment and risk identification Locum SafeSurvey (LSS)
Powerful, time saving, audit reporting Locum SecureAudit (LSE)
Centralized security administration Locum Safe & Secure (SAS)


Locum RealTime Monitor, Locum SafeSurvey and Locum Secure Audit are preloaded and delivered with every MCP system. Each product requires a unique license key to activate its full feature set.

Locum Safe & Secure is available for download with key activation.

Limited duration evaluation keys are available online at www.unisys.com/locum, from your Unisys account manager or by contacting Locum who will be pleased to arrange through Unisys.

For a more detailed description of Locum product features, view or Download the Locum Product Matrix.

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